Evolve for Entrepreneurs

changing the paradigms of business

Change is Inevitable | Evolution is a Choice

“Another way of being is possible, and it is right in front of us” ~ Charles Eisenstein

Creating The Future

Are you looking for a radical, revolutionary approach to business that works?
Are you ready to imaginatively and purposefully create your future?
Are you willing to embrace the inside-out work that facilitates clarity, resilience, & courage?
Are you curious to open-up to new levels of consciousness and the unknown?

Go Beyond Success…

You are a passionate, authentic leader:
dedicated to sharing the best of your gifts and talents
committed to endeavours that serve the community and broader world
with a vision of success beyond financial profit and return on investment
yearning to leave a legacy that makes a difference
You are self-aware, self-directed and curious:
keen to explore and understand the new technology of consciousness  
ready to let go of how things are and how they have been
eager to cultivate the magic of possibilities and opportunities as yet unimagined

Our Team

Anne, Paula and Taylor come together as pioneers, marrying the art of consciousness with the science of business. Collectively, they have diverse experience in the world of business as well as the wisdom of their own personal journeys. Collaboratively, they teach the technology of consciousness to create, shape and hold space to support you to go beyond success.

Anne K. Scott

Anne’s work as Crossing Frontiers marries the crazy possibilities of imagination with her experience of creative technology and structure to deliver end results that matter. Anne is Natural Success Coach of the Year 2022, Founder of the Evolve Gathering and Evolve 4 Entrepreneurs events and also Co-Founder of Halcyon Days transformational retreats with Thea Allison. Anne, lives a peripatetic life with collaborators and kin around the world.


Paula Jones

Paula’s passion lies in creating space for people to go beyond the rational, thinking mind and create the seemingly impossible. Paula is fascinated by all aspects of human behaviour. Through her Beyond Knowing teaching and coaching programs she works with a diverse range of leaders, coaches and creatives who are willing to take the journey to discover true knowing, both one-on-one and in retreats in beautiful places around the world.


Taylor Roark

Taylor is committed to transformational change by facilitating purpose and conscious contribution in the world through his company, Galliant Trainings. He is a Natural Success accredited coach and facilitator as well as Producer of the Evolve Gathering. A former blacksmith, corporate lawyer and renewal energy consultant, he chooses to live life as a mythical adventure.

Evolve For Entrepreneurs Will:

Give you access to a new and creative technology to accelerate your success
Amplify the awareness and value of your intuitive intelligence and inner knowing
Inform you of structures of creativity and consciousness to align you to your most strategic action
Serve you with a shared direct experience of collaboration and synergy
Expand your network of peers and pioneering thinkers
Expedite the trajectory of your leadership, impact and influence

A better future is possible and the power is in us to create it.

Creating Beautiful Possibilities


Who you are, what you want and what it takes to get there
Going beyond how you think it is and what you think you need to do
The richly mysterious world of ‘not needing to know’
The subtle voice and guidance of your inner knowing and unique wisdom
Meaningful connection to yourself and others
True evolution for you and your business


Your consciousness as a tool to create your passion purposefully and imaginatively
Deep levels of awareness and choice
Creating beyond what you know and how you think it is, or needs to be
The power and magic of consciousness and intuition
Contributing your unique gifts, talents and abilities
The exponential possibilities of true synergy


Be self-referential, self-directed and self-determined
Create a business that is the fullest expression of you
Cultivate the magic of leading from within
Have a direct and joyful experience of life and your creations
Lead a life of contribution, fulfilment and wellbeing
Imagine and create a better & more beautiful world for all

Evolve For Entrepreneurs